Wednesday, August 04, 2010


I am proud to announce that after seven years of labor I have finally given birth to my newest book!  Weighing in at 185 pages and 9" long, MVP has arrived after a most difficult delivery! 
Father and book are happy! 

Quotes from the newborn:

Unintentionally, we tend to think our way into disgruntled living. MVP will help you think your way out.

Opportunity and potential are not dependent on someone else.

The world must be liberated from the cold and lonely prison of self-condemnation.

Life isn’t a climbing up. It’s a surrendering… God.

Success isn’t up to us. Surrender is. Our life is up to God.

What we want to practice is living in gratitude for those things that would have ordinarily irritated us.

Fear freezes ordinarily good people only because they are noting the obvious without contemplation of invisible realities found in the faith realm.

Sin brought mankind down when it brought its sight down.

Jesus leads us not to the doctrine of rebirth; but to the experience of it.

How long will we cut ourselves out of God’s will by refusing to see that everything is working together for good?

I’d rather fail at brave trying than succeed at fearful passivity.

Christianity is not for the weak of heart and lazy of mind.

God can undo everything undone.

We can be certain every dark moment contains such strong life elements that fireworks from heaven will eventually be enjoyed.

If you would like to hold the baby (Hardback or paperback) you can order at Kelly Press 1-800-365-5212.


M & V said...

Congratulations...looking forward to holding your new one and spreading the word.

You do a fantastic job 24/7 and we are grateful.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Friend! When we met and spent the two years together in intense learning experiences from 1972 to 1974, I had no idea where all God would take you. Glad you have encouraged all your friends to walk with the world's best friend ever.
Rejoicing with you.

Greg England said...

I'm happy for you, Terry. And I'll be getting a copy of your book. All my other "Rush" books are signed, and have a nice message to me. I'll let you know when I buy the book, so you can come to CA and sign it for me!

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Looks like a must-read for me!


Janice Garrison said...

Congratulations Terry!

I too look forwarding to meeting the 'baby'.

Brenda said...

Wonderful Terry! Can't wait to read it!