Tuesday, August 03, 2010


We want to keep tabs on what our congregations are like.  Do we remember that this is to be one group on earth alive?  Do we recall that much of society lives in darkness, distress, and destruction?

Therefore, we cannot afford to have any in the community pass by our assemblies or our works and find us in neutral...or less.  We are to be alive!  We are the reflection of the Risen One!  We are alive!

Every encounter of His children should have one message...the resurrection happened and we believe it!  However, the body of Christ in pockets has dumbed down from awe to right; doing things right.  If there is no awe something isn't right.

Sing with no instruments?  Communion every Sunday?  Have the Word preached?  Yet no life?  What's wrong with this picture?  Dead hearts.  Dead hearts keep gathering to declare we didn't do worship or work wrong when the very deadness of it is all wrong.

Of all people, the church should reflect a major tenet among us....we are alive!  Live like it.  Write like it.  Order meals like it.  Pay bills like it.  Be it!  BE ALIVE!


Anonymous said...

We're often good about being "religious", aren't we?
Sunday we got a good reminder of this from Luke 11 where Jesus didn't wash his hands when eating lunch with a Pharisee. He told the Pharisees if they really wanted to get "clean" on the inside, to take care of the poor, and not worry so much about the outward practices. Could we insert "regular church member" in place of "the Pharisees"?


Anonymous said...

Why are we always beating ourselves up? A half-truth is a lie, brother. Some of our people aren't allowing the Spirit to lead them, but many people are. We don't have to beat ourselves up about not having musical instruments, or taking the Lord's Table every Sunday, just to say that.