Friday, July 16, 2010


Morning Rush cleared the 300,000 hit mark this week!  How did my mom rack up over 250,000 of them....when she doesn't even have a computer?  Thank you---all---for your kindnesses through this 4 year period.

My new book---MVP---is coming out next month.  You can read a blurb below.

This afternoon I have a funeral of the man killed in last week's motorcycle accident.  He was rude and crude and ran with a crowd that did life hard.  This place will be packed with hundreds who most likely have no church and no interest.  I can't wait for this occasion for my goal is for all to feel they ran head-long into a church that loves them.  It will be a good day!

Turn all of the lemons into lemonade and hydrate the world for it is so thirsty for someone who can see possibility and potential instead of complaint and defeat.  Be a voice....a winning voice....for family and neighbors.  Their ears are ready.


Anonymous said...

I'm excited about your opportunity at the funeral. Serveral years ago I had such an occasion with a woman who asked me to preside at her husbands funeral. He had been a member of "Hells Angels" and was a real rascal.
May our Lord give your tongue His graciousness, and may the power of His word sink deeply into the hearts of those who attend.

Brian said...

So tell us, what did God do at the bikers funeral?