Thursday, July 22, 2010


Why can't every day be Christmas?  Well....if it were it would ruin Christmas.  One long mountaintop with no valley eventually becomes boring and routine.  Waiting....ah, now there's a significant element.  Waiting for Christmas for kids and those of us who are still kids is filled with anticipation because we don't have it every day or even every month.

There is something magic about specials.  Life exists in specials....births and birthdays, anniversaries, championships, passages, etc.  We experienced Christmas-like magic last night at Memorial.  We had VBS!

Our VBS is one of those specials.  If we had VBS every night we would die...I think...for sure I would go completely deaf.  But when we have it once a year the church rallies to serve in ways not normal.  Linda Scott is a genius when it comes to designing our July VBS!  God blesses her with an enormous amount of workers.

"A Night at the Museum" was one of my favorite VBS themes ever.  It was just remarkable.  A fun thing to me wasn't just the zoo of kids.  We had three zoos in one; a zoo of kids, a zoo of members working, and a zoo of visitors.  I get more excited over seeing the involvement of the adults and the amount of visitors and the outrageously wonderful decor than the kids....who are all so spectacular!

Not every day is Christmas.  And not every day is VBS.  But I'll tell ya, I really think Linda Scott does such a great job with this special that---for me---VBS is Christmas in July!

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Anonymous said...

I can picture Daryl Johnson now! He'd be perfect in the Robin Williams role of Teddy Roosevelt in Night at the Museum! He needs a handle bar mustache...and you can tell him that!