Friday, July 23, 2010


Fear is most natural to the human spirit.  For some---like me---it has been an extremely detrimental factor.  I have let it boss me around. 

How can this be?  Fear has no body of its own.  It is a demon hiding out in people (like me, for instance) and circumstances always using the voice of another for it has none.

Fear especially freezes members of the kingdom by making one afraid to learn.  I believe there are many who would like to know what God teaches regarding the Holy Spirit; but will never learn for fear.  Fear won't let some explore for they could possibly change their minds.

Following Jesus is risky business.  To play church in safety is to play in the wrong church.  To believe what we have always believed about everything we've ever believed is to confess we have grown in nothing over the past years and decades.  If we are learning about Jesus he will change our minds; otherwise, why study?

The church is petrified in those places where fear rules.  It is so subtle we can even regard our stances as being faithful.  A symptom of this frozen posture is to continue to say we go by the Bible but do not study it or pray over it.  Fear freezes.  Love for God thaws our brains.

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Stoned-Campbell Disciple said...

Fear Freezes! Great thoughts Terry. Thank you for the blessing.