Wednesday, July 28, 2010


(Yes, Elizabeth, I will pray...did last night and once this morning.)

So the service man, Jody, came to change the tires on the tractor.  My immediate query to myself was, Is there room to reach to this guy today? 

Arms tattooed like hams hanging from his sleeveless shirt, Jody slaved away in 94 degree heat wrestling two rear tractor tires.  Sweat poured from his face.  He was a friendly sort.  I stood by with few words just surveying the opportunity like a horse coming from the back of the pack at the derby. 

I asked about his family and age and how long he had done this kind of work.  He is 32 and has been in prison three times.  Now there's a major breakthrough; an ex-con right before my very eyes.  That tells me a lot.

Jody told me the stories for each sentencing.  Humble and remorseful, he felt the need to rehearse his failures.  This is what I was seeking.  I now could move the horse to the head of the line; Well, let me tell you how proud of you I am.  When you've gone through the pain you've endured and come out a responsible man, you've accomplished a lot right there.  From then on all I had to do was listen; he overflowed with details about how he hadn't been in trouble for ten years, is making strong efforts to provide for his wife and kids, and how he won't make the same mistakes ever again.

And then we hit another vein of good-grade ore.  Say....are you interested in baseball by chance?  Again he launched into his love for and participation in the game.  He told me about his card collection....of which gave me delight to hand him my card!

So what's next?  I have little idea.  I've prayed for him and will.  But I don't have to see a next thing to feel fulfilled over the moment.  Jody and I went from complete strangers to good friends within an hour all because God says there is no law against showing love and patience and kindness...the fruit of the Spirit.

What happens next?  I'm clueless.  The important thing to me is to have noticed the moment right then.  It was for God!

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Anonymous said...

Amen! Thanks for the examples of how "little" we can do for people God puts in front of us. He will do the rest won't he?
One thing we've let Satan fool us with is the thought that we haven't done anything "worthy" unless we've brought them all the way to a baptistry. What a burden!! We need to find more joy in planting and sowing and know and trust that God will get whatever He wants done, done.


P.S. Now you have to tell us exactly what it is you do on that tractor!?