Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Everywhere we go Jesus goes.  We take him with us to the dentist and to the grocery store.  We must walk about alert and alive to the moment for it so often holds kingdom opportunity.

Such happened today.  I ordered a new tractor tire and was making arrangements for the delivery and installation.  In speaking to the receptionist on the phone it became time for me to puncture the conversation with a test to see if kingdom work might be needed.

So I mentioned to the one with the courteous voice on the other end of the phone that I was a minister and my work is close by so she can call me when the service man is on his way. 

I mentioned my work on purpose.

A lot of people don't like ministers.  I don't blame them.  Others could care less.  I hold no grudge.  But I toss out this concept whenever it fits to fish for a response.  So...I told her I was a minister.  She went on with the business at hand. 

At the conclusion she brought it up; You are a minister?  Yes.  Would you pray for me?

Are you struggling with health or pressure?


Friend, I'll pray.  And let me tell you that if you ever need to just sit and discuss any of these challenges just remember you are talking to one person interested.  Okay?

Yes, I will.

So I've prayed and will again.  What happens from here?  I'm contentedly clueless.  I knock on doors.  Sow seed.  Water in prayer.  And let God break forth in areas where He needs my participation.

Kingdom life; knocking on hearts is a great experience!


Elizabeth Cheek said...

You're awesome! Will you pray for me? ECheek (long time fan of yours)

Jarrod said...

How neat is that! I had the opportunity to have a two hour conversation tonight with a couple that is "searching". Grew up as a pastor's son, is not unfamiliar to the Bible, but is struggling with the concept of infant baptism, among other concepts.
Love hearing how God works when we "knock on hearts"!