Friday, July 02, 2010


Words of encouragement are works of life.  They empower, rejuvenate, and even rescue.

Let's do some energy building for the kingdom today!  Let's build even healthier cells of his body.  Let's go on a campaign (you and me) to give the church a boost right now.

What would it be like if we took the beginning of a sentence and completed it from where we each sit?  Do this; complete the following.....I love how I see God working in.............and you finish the sentence.  Name one man and one woman in your world who may be in the public eye or wonderfully behind the scenes. 

Let's give the kingdom of God a big hurrah today!

I'll start us off.

I love how I see God working in Larry Wishard.  Larry preaches in Aurora, Colorado.  He's been there since....well since when earth first cooled.  I was in preaching school in the same class. 

Larry is rock-solid steady.  He's always been that way.  His out-going personality is matched by his deep commitment to the people of God.  Larry Wishard is a hero to many....including me.

I love how I see God working in Trinity Davis.  Trinity is from my hometown of Memphis, MO.  She is a young homemaker whose pace reminds me of the Energizer Bunny.  A member of the school board, a Bible-class teacher, a community guru, Trinity is both multi-talented and highly-skilled.  I like her.  She is a glory to the work of God's hand.

Your turn.  Speak up.  Say it out loud.  Let's give others attention.  We can do it. 

Let's build a confidence contagion all over the world!  People need it.  Say so!


Franklin Wood said...

I love how I see God working in Willie Sanchez. Willie did youth ministry for years and is now head of Admissions for York College. He is a fantastic communicator and speaks very well to teens. He is warm, friendly and oozes God!
I love how I see God working in youth ministry sponsors in this part of the country. I am one of only 3 full time youth ministers in Nebraska.
Those who do youth ministry on top of their jobs are MY heroes! Their hearts shine as they show how much they love teens by spending their own money on gas and food and inviting young people into their homes. Yay youth ministry volunteers!!!!!!!!

Terry said...

I love how I see God working in Jim Roberts, a member of our church. He is a solid man of God and a model of practical wisdom and encouragement for the younger men in the congregation.

I love how I see God working in Janet Laudett, my wife. She is a very caring wife and mother. I hope my son marries a woman like her when he grows up.