Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Ministry is exhausting.  Calls are frequent.  Demands are many.  Needs are abundant.  And....we ministers are such because of servant hearts.

Unable to cover all of the bases is a downer.  And there is a solution which is one of our best win-win opportunities.  As leaders, somewhere along the way, we will be ahead when we learn to shed our personal application to a work by learning to empower others to do it.  What happens to move the downs to the ups is to learn management skills.  Become a manager of people instead of doing the work yourself and you'll get multiple times amount of work done.  Jesus did it.

This move is often rejected by some leaders because of a factor we by nature possess; control.  We want to be in control because we believe our way of doing things is the right way and the only way.  At this juncture we are very wrong.  Others can do as well; it may be different than our way, but it is as well if not better.

This was not an easy transition for me.  Because of personal insecurity as well as immaturity, I was big on keeping control.  I didn't want to say it had to be my way; but that's precisely what I wanted.  To allow others the freedom to design, organize, and run any program was very difficult for me to allow. 

As a preparation for the day when I won't be here as the preacher, the elders suggested I begin using other staff members to do the preaching while I sit in the assembly.  We've done this about two years now.  It is working so well; but you need to know it was tough for me to give up "pulpit time". 

If you want to make solid strides in ministry (and if you want to enjoy long tenure) I highly recommend you let go of more and more controls.  Let me say it clearer.  QUIT TRYING TO CONTROL EVERYONE.  OTHERS CAN DO JUST AS WELL AS YOU CAN. 

I am enjoying ministry as much as ever....even more so.  While I'm not the chief of action I am chief of encouraging the actors.  My job is increasingly a supportive role to cheer the laborers of the vineyard on.  You can do it.  Engage more people in your work by letting go of the tight reins.  They will love you that you trust them.  And....if they aren't so good at first, they'll improve vastly and rapidly because you'll be nearby....cheering them on.

Turn the downs of exhaustion into the ups of participation by others whom you honor by trusting their efforts!

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Norsemanrm said...

Excellent post my friend!
This entire series is but this is a strong key to life in the Kingdom.
If put into practice it plugs people in, frees others up and joins each in his/her role be it a hand or foot or ear or eye, etc etc.
Great job!