Monday, June 14, 2010


If you want to do something productive for your work, shift from wishful thinking to expectation.

Wanters wish.  Faith expects.  There is a difference from wanting and expecting.  Faith separates the two.  The difference is key.

Many wish for opportunities.  They want doors to open or results to happen.  But wishing can require little ambition or risk. 

The deal with faith is it will often be accompanied by challenge to see if we really want to believe.  Tests are what God calls them.  Wishful thinkers don't like authority.  They don't care for rejection either.  But faith walkers believe that even the tough times as well as difficult people are blessings for their work.  Thus, they expect God to bless even when stress presents itself.

I know of a host of Christians who became extremely useful in the Kingdom because they did the little things well.  They were hurt.  They were abused.  They were discouraged.  But they would not quit believing.

You can wish things were different or you can expect things to be different.  The change will be when you accept rejection as valuable as acceptance and struggle as important as celebration.  Wishful thinkers run the race as long as the weather is decent.  Expectationers run the race when most would collapse from discouragement and fatigue.

Make the move.  Expect---in the center of all troublesome opportunities---God to work in your work!


Anonymous said...

Your posting today is just what I needed! Thanks for always sharing your open and honest thoughts on your blog!

May God bless you!

Brian said...

To be bluntly honest, you tore open my heart today. God always has a way to get my attention and today, he did it through your post. I just finished praying and then read your post. Your post was the opposite of everything I just prayed about. But one thing I did asked God to do is to show me His plan. YES! He did in a hurry. Now, the CHALLENGE IS TO SEE IF I REALLY BELIEVE!

I will now pray today that I will have the faith to believe, the courage to act, and the vision to see that God CAN!

Michael and Vasca said...

God can...and...God does. Ane He does it so well.