Friday, June 18, 2010


I have a new friend.  Well...maybe you would not monitor us as close friends as we haven't really met in person.  My hope is one day we will.  We might even become brothers or brother and sister as I don't know the gender of this new one in my life.

I've noticed recently that we have a visitor staying in our building overnight.  They seem to be here the morning after any evening event the church has whether AA meetings or church.  In one of our larger rooms I found two blankets forming a pallet on a pew one morning last week.  I folded the blankets and moved them to the center of the pew just to see if they might be moved again.  It's sort of a fold the blanket game.

Yesterday I went to check on my field and sure enough the pallet was stretched out one more time at the end of the pew.  Someone spent the night again. 

So I folded the covers once again and moved them to the center of the pew.  But this time I stood and prayed over/for the person sleeping in our building.  And then I left a note to wish him or her a great day and put $2 in the envelope. 

It's an odd relationship, I know.  We are just beginning.  I'm not sure this person will like me; but I already love whoever I'm talking about.  I'm just doing what God says; planting and watering. 

Granted this guy or gal and I have a rather blind friendship.  But it could be a God-thing.  So pray for my friend.  This person might just become your friend as well!


Anonymous said...

Mr. Rush, you're such a sweet man to engage this person. How many in our churches would hang out to run such a visitor off?

Reminds me of a time when I went to hook up our church trailer to help some folks make a move. When we opened the back door of the trailer, we discovered a bed roll and some other items that someone had obviously been using to make the trailer their "home" our church parking lot!

Talk about a humbling experience. We never connected with the person, and I felt bad for having taken his or her bed away. But I sure felt like the rich man in the Lazarus story. And I have to was not a good feeling. A punch to the gut is more what it felt like.

I will pray for our trailer person - and your guest too - today.

jason reeves said...

How awesome!

I'm praying for God to do what He does. Whatever that ends up being....

Glory to God!


Terry said...

I'll be praying for your unknown friend.