Sunday, May 09, 2010


I wrote Wednesday that when something goes badly, I would write it in honor of Rick Atchley for he kids me about being so encouraging it discourages him.  How funny.

But already something negative has hit.  So I write to let you in on it.  Just last Sunday I told Memorial Drive and then in a class at Pepperdine the same marvelous story of God working. 

Basically, I've been trying to get a book published over the past three years that I can't seem launch.  Ten days ago...and with quite odd circumstances, coordinations, and connections...I learned a publishing company in Chicago had picked up my manuscript (MVP; Why You Are Most Valuable in God's Eyes) with enthusiastic plans to publish it.  Yippee!

When I returned home from Pepperdine I had an email awaiting from the publishing company explaining that due to finances they would not be doing the book.  Sorry.

So could I tell you this bit of information is significantly discouraging?  It is.

However, this is only a step in the waiting and enduring process.  I have no idea what God is up to; yet such is the key to our hope!  When we have no idea we also have no restrictive framework from which we opt to work under.  We are open to God's talent.

Abram made a big mistake when he thought God's promise was an assignment.  Hagar was not Abram's assignment.  We do what Abraham eventually did.  We wait on God and when He is ready the actuality will be bigger than our intention.

Now.....that's pretty encouraging and I'm not really having a bad day.  I just said it to get your attention.


Stoogelover said...

Are preachers allowed to jerk us around like that? :)

Liz Moore said...

There must be a reason that God is holding up your book... I can't wait to see what it is!! Because I'm sure it's going to be good!