Monday, May 10, 2010


Consider Joseph in the pit. Marvel ensued.

Note the Israelites fleeing from the armies. The Red Sea marched to God's drum.

Ponder the 5000 unannounced for dinner. Leftovers were invented.

Look into the imposing grave. Jesus is missing.

God seems to be so strong....abundantly strong....if not for two areas; really two desperate areas. We seem to suspect His ability when it comes to equipping us and when it comes to saving us.

We are wowed by His superior style....until it gets to us. In that zone we tend to let confidence slip. However, we will do well to realize the first four examples are built into the story to give us courage regarding the latter two questions.

God is not weak....ever. Our faith is.

Let God do for us what we can't ever do on our own. Let Him provide His suit of armor for our work and believe Him that we are thoroughly saved.


shawn said...

great thoughts as always Terry! Thanks for reminding me to just rest in His faithfulness! We are going through some rough moments in all this transition stuff and feel pretty alone through most of it. We know there are people praying for us, but we often feel wayyyyy off in the distance from everyone and everything! God is good and His will and wisdom is always perfect!!!

Liz Moore said...

Thank you for this post. I needed to be reminded! Love you friend!