Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Time does what, church?  Flies...we say.  In the what of an eye?  A blink.  In the blink of an eye our kids are grown or our time is up...whatever the discussion.  We live in a grand-scaled, race-paced society that is so tricky we often don't know what we now believe for moments ago we just absorbed new and crucial information.  We live at hub-bub speed. 

When one is six or seven is seems like Christmas will never arrive.  Remember?  Can't sleep? Can't wait?  Somewhere we turn an adult corner and life's engines rev and we begin to race in a constant blur.

What is it all about?

I think it is about distraction.  We dart from one meeting place to another.  This concept and dilemma is nothing new and we don't need extensive explanation.  We do need to be aware that frantic movement is dangerous in that it does not provide connecting with the breath nor breadth of God.

God has much to say.  He didn't deliver it all in the Word; although that in itself can be disconnected due to our racetrack pace.  God also speaks to us; especially regarding wisdom exchanges for which He invited us to make requests and promising He would send it in.

Do what you can to stand against the free-fall of hub-bubilism.  Its nature is harmful.  Its intent is to rob you of noticing God.  He is in our world.  Let us praise Him....let us take the time to praise Him....often.

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