Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I love imagination.  I'm even a better imaginer as an adult and I was pretty good at it as a kid!

God challenges us in Ephesians chapter three to think tall, think high, and think far, and He will exceed the bar.

How much is that?  Well....take a good look at Genesis, finish in Revelation, and tell me how many times the impossible just happened.  Count the ways.  Count the impossible ways!

God's entire charter is one of man can't but God can...and does.  This is thrilling!  We are never at a loss because loss only creeps us closer to victory.  Romans 8:37....we overwhelmingly conquer in "all these things".  The "up" things and the "down" things.  The "life" things and the "death" things.  The "past" things, "present" things, and "future" things.  Folks...God just about has life covered!

So wake up and smell the coffee.  We are winners everywhere we turn.  Romans 5:1-5: if it goes right it goes right and if it goes wrong it goes right because of the Holy Spirit poured out upon us.  God has life covered!

How much more is "more than we can imagine"?  Well....try as we will, we just can't imagine that high.  As good of a hand as we hold, God can always trump us. 

Hurray for us....and thank you God!

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Liz Moore said...

As you can tell, I've been behind in reading your blog! I am going to try and stay more caught up because you are such an encouragement to my soul! I love the way God speaks through you and the way you ALWAYS allow Him to use you. Thank you for being you!