Tuesday, April 06, 2010


Have you ever wondered how Lazarus felt upon his grand return? Fearful? Choking on words so fast he could not get his thoughts out? Did he talk incessantly about his experience or was he more mellow with few chosen expressions?

I think we know how he felt. We feel the same way when we get to start life over day by day. That "day by day" thing of being renewed isn't a slogan for children. It is for His grown up children.

How many times I sit with colleagues stumped by the day's stresses among us. Not only is it difficult; sometimes it seems impossible. Enter resurrection power...ours....II Cor.13:4.

Why would we need resurrection power directed toward us? Would it be because we live among the deadest and deadness of effort and exertion? Could it be we far too often run out of our own steam?

Hold on. Hang in there. Life isn't up to us. It is up to Him...Romans 9:16. The brother on the back porch was stumped by the move of the Father toward the Prodigal. No one (on the back porch) would have figured. But the Father knew about something we back porch people don't yet fathom; resurrection power.

Be highly encouraged; especially when you can't figure. God can do for us, to us, and with us what we would never dream of on our own. You are not finished...regardless of how stymied you feel about the church. Resurrection power....something we sometimes forget is at our disposal.


Christi said...

Good reminder! We always like to think we're in control of at least a few things in our life, but truly, not so much! Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

I have wondered what he thought about having to die again. Maybe thats why Jesus wept. Peace Workshop was great!
Philip sims