Wednesday, April 07, 2010


“Hi, my name is Trey, and I’m addicted to the Tulsa Workshop.” Wow, I’m glad I got that off my chest.

I’ve been attending the Tulsa Workshop since I was a teen, and I find it amazing that it only gets better every year. The Workshop is one of the “don’t miss” highlights of my year and here are a few reasons why …

* The speakers are top-notch. There are such a wide variety of speakers who come to challenge me, encourage me and point me in the direction of the cross. When it comes to choosing a class, there is always something for everyone. In fact, the hard part is trying to choose between 4 or 5 really good classes and speakers that are all going on at the same time. The lessons that the speakers provide give me the spiritual feast and encouragement I need.

* The worship is heavenly. Wow, it’s hard for words to describe the worship that takes place during evening sessions in the Pavilion. I love hearing thousands of people lifting their voices in praise to their Father in heaven. I often think to myself during this worship time, “Wow, if our worship can be this amazing on earth, just think how amazing it’s going to be in heaven.” I love our worship at the Workshop, and I love being led to the Father during this powerful worship.

* The fellowship is priceless. I’m amazed every year at the Workshop just how many of my old friends show up. I know that I’m going to get to spend four days hugging necks, visiting and rekindling old friendships with people that I only get to see in Tulsa. It seems that the workshop has become “the place” to gather from all over the planet for a week of fellowship with old friends, and I wouldn’t miss that for the world.

If you haven’t been to the workshop in a while, I suggest adding it to your calendar for next year. Once you do, it will quickly become a “don’t miss” highlight of your year too. Before you know it, you’ll also be confessing, “Hi, my name is ____________, and I’m addicted to the Tulsa Workshop.”




Thanks for the honor of letting me guest-post on your blog.

Trey Morgan

PS - I didn't mention it in the post, but when we come the WHOLE Morgan family comes. Our boys love it when we get them out of school for the workshop. School is important, but I sure don't want it getting in the way for us educating our kids :)

Beth said...

Well, I guess I'm already an addict. I think I've only missed 4 or 5 workshops since they started. I was at OC when it all started, then I brought my husband with me, and then my kids. (We take them out of school too!) I wholeheartedly agree with Trey and want to add that I love meeting new people each year and learning of the connections we share (other than that of the blood of Jesus...duh!). I love looking around the Pavilion and remembering where loved ones used to sit and knowing that we will see them again someday. I love the rock concert feel of singing in the can sing as loud and as off key as you want and no one can hear you except God. I love the sermon on the amount and getting to hear how God's money is being returned to the workshop to keep it going. I love hearing some of the same speakers yearly, remembering those who have gone home, and enjoying some of the new guys on the block!I could keep going but what I love most and what keeps me coming back each year is being able to experience this small glimpse of heaven and to share that with my family. I know that someday, the Tulsa workshop will have to end, but because of the experiences I and so many others have had at it, we will look forward to praising Jesus together (with Jerome and Booker and Keith...) forever. Thanks to all of you who put this together each year. You rock! You're all rock stars!