Tuesday, December 01, 2009


What is it like for you to serve in God's kingdom? Do you know what it's like for me? Overwhelming. Such measurement isn't a complaint. Rather, it is a feeling. I feel overwhelmed. And guess what else? I'm glad.

Starting in Genesis and finishing in Revelation God has one clear and consistent message; God works with those who are under overwhelming odds against them.
  1. Noah with a message that wouldn't hold water.
  2. Abraham well beyond his prime.
  3. Moses running from Pharaoh's army.
  4. Joseph in the pits.
  5. Elijah against 450 prophets of Baal and a pile of wet wood.
  6. Jesus in the tomb.
  7. Stammering Peter opening the first workshop in Acts 2.
  8. Paul whose knees shook and knocked.

Throughout the Word the odds were stacked against God's people that His sheer glory might be enacted. We prefer to be on top of things. Yet, if we are really going to serve God's land we cannot expect anything the others didn't get. We are called to exemplify the Living Lord on His terms; not ours.

Be very confident and courageous. We are called by the same One who called those of above fame. We get to be in on the greatest shock in the world; God's arousing victory in the midst of assumed defeat. Do not neglect the faith God has given you. Use it to envision victory in the very center of sneering opponents.

Overwhelmed? Ah, right where we should be. It must be up to God to make it work....and we believe He will.


Anonymous said...

Wow, Terry! Thanks for letting me have it (LOL) I am totally overwhelmed and blessed to be overwhelmed. I've got to remember to count it ALL joy. I appreciate the reminder.

Brian said...

Today has been overwhelming and I honestly can't say I have much joy! However, I am thankful that God thought of me...a messy person to help with the mess I help create!!!!

Brian said...
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