Wednesday, December 02, 2009


Education. Some eat it up. Some are professional educators or becoming educated. Others...well, not so much.

Have you noticed there are more people around nowadays? More than ever before? Have you noticed a correlation with increased population and increased stresses? Have you noticed that surpassing this vast and fast pace is what is known as high- speed Internet? High-speed? Naturally. Everything is bigger, better, faster, and then over-sized super!

Man is about to be swallowed by his own creation. We've gotten out of hand. What shall we do?

We must stick with the Word....not a slogan, not an old-fogey idea. Stay with the Word.

Why? It contains secrets rulers can't know. It contains wisdom of the highest learning...THE highest learning. Romans transformed by the renewing of our minds.

Look, don't be as enamored with small phones which can pull up the Internet as much as the faith of plain person calling up the Spirit of God in prayer. Tech doesn't surpass God.

We are still full of hope. Yes the media has some truthful bad reports. Our God has the best yet to come....His Son! Lean toward Higher Learning!

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