Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I'm currently among the commentors on another blog regarding authority. I love the topic because I believe in the theme. It will set captives free.

In working through such a discussion great irony occurs. When I was ultra-conservative I was unknowingly practicing a very liberal and unauthorized maneuverability through the Bible. My vocality of going by the Word only was skirted with parenthetical phrases as well as exceptions (when I needed them). When I shifted to a more honest approach leaving my much needed parenthetical additions and subtractions, I became truer to the Word. Ironically again, I was instantly labeled as liberal.

How crazy is that?

I was told in preaching school that liberalism was slick; that you couldn't always peg its error. Well there is a reason much of it is slick; it is more faithful in it's conservatism of going by the Bible than the conservatives who would like to believe they are the faithful. I know. I was one.

A problem we continue to have is hearing God through all of the quacky religious static. Mixed with our moods and our biases, it is a wonder God has a chance in His own country.

Truth is still truth. It isn't the truth of the best arguers or the highest of education. It isn't the truth of jumping church-brand hoops nor is it the truth of language experts. No. The Truth of God shows up in infants and parables just itching for the big dogs to have the slightest glimpse about that which they bark.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Rush - this is a bit off the subject, but related to one you've brought up a few times.

I’ve read your blogs regarding reaching out to various celebrities and athletes who are at a point of great need in their life. Such great possibilities are there for God to work.

For some reason today, I'm really struck and touched as I think of Plaxico Burress, NY Giants wide receiver, heading off to serve 20 months in Rikers prison in New York. I can't imagine the sobering reality of heading off to prison. He was definitely in the wrong for carrying a gun in a public place that eventually discharged and shot himself. But, I saw an interview with him recently where he said how scared he was, how it was hitting him that he would be leaving his family and that his son, now two, would be four when he got out.

Any ideas on reaching him or his family? I wonder how he and/or his family would feel if they knew people were praying for them. Maybe doors have been busted open there.


Terry Rush said...


Blessings to you for seeing this opportunity. I must respond to your question immediately.

Absolutely Plaxico needs our efforts. I encourage you to take on this Act now. I'll give you ideas.

Contact the penetentary asking for mailing address for prisoners...just any prisoner. Ask them about requirements; can you send books? Can you send cash? What order? Limit in amount?

In your note it is good to send a book to read and a small amount through maybe a money order so he can have stamps to write his family. Let him know that's what the money is for.

Share with him your love and concern. Ask questions. What does he needs someone as you to do for him? Listen. Respond.

None of this, Jay, is so it can ever be said "I wrote to Plaxico Burress". It must always be done with the motive of cracking hearts open toward God...and I know that's your motive. DO IT.

I believe God will use you. I'm proud of you for seeing this possibility. I didn't.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the tips and advice. I'm encouraged as I've already found his info online and guidelines as to how to send items and what's allowed, etc.

As you've mentioned about how listening to God happens, I want to start taking these promptings and ideas as not my thoughts, but His, coming straight from Him. It's exciting and sobering.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your advice. I'm encouraged as I've already been able to locate his information and also the guidelines for how send items, what's allowed, etc.

In the same vein as your talking about how listening to God works sometimes, I want to start taking these ideas and promptings as coming from Him, not as my own.

Anonymous said...

Authority...if God is silent about something does that mean it is forbidden? Is there scripture on this? God was not silent about many things in the OT. It had detail after detail about how to do things, what to do and where to do it. The NT is silent about so many things. HELP.

Janet (Lita's friend)

Terry Rush said...

Janet (Lita's friend),

You raise such a good question.

I don't think silence has authority. This is me let that stand as suspect enough. Our "speak where the Bible speaks and be silent where the Bible is silent" is admirable until we speak where the Bible is silent.

God seems to have left much unsaid because it apparently doesn't matter to Him. It matters to some of us so we get rules of "can't haves":no garage sales, no instrumental music, no choirs.

Yet, the Bible is silent on whether the church can own property, have a building, own songbooks, and have church secretaries. Yet it doesn't seem to bother us to avoid the authority of silence if it regards something we really need/want.

Churches and Christians are being held at bay by a doctrine that seems to me to have been created when somebody in our past couldn't figure any other way to get their way.

Just one man's idea. What thinket ye?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Rush, thanks for a great post. I chatted with a friend (whom you've recently helped tremendously BTW) just this week about the whole "speak where the Bible speaks and remain where silent where the Bible remains silent" idea, and how I've grown to reject that concept outright.

Seems to me that such an approach does not allow for relationship...imagine a husband and wife who only interact on the basis of what is said, or not said. It doesn't hold up.

Perhaps this is pushing it a bit, but in earnestly praying and thinking through this, I've "almost" come to believe that such pious-sounding words are exactly the kind of "near-truth" that satan loves to hear us tout, b/c it keeps us bound up and from being productive for the kingdom. These words / this belief methodology, at least to me, provide a deceptive sense of righteousness and piety, for a near-truth is in fact NOT truth.

Thanks again for your boldness and submission to God in proclaiming real Truth.