Thursday, July 30, 2009


Don't you get it? Haven't you figured it out by now? You are targeted. Dark forces move about the earth as little roaring lions seeking to cause fear to race through our veins. We are opposed...literally.

John Eldredge wrote, Why is it that nearly every good thing, from taking the annual family vacation to planning a wedding to cultivating a relationship, takes so much work? It's almost as if there is something set against us.

So would you awaken to the truth about life? This stuff about God is very true. Jesus really lives in the hearts of men and women. And, they are opposed by an authentic, genuine Satan who lives to steal and rob good men and women of their good days....and their sanity.

You didn't draw the short straw. You are clearly valuable as a precious stone to the invisible, yet true, God. Your opposition isn't due to bad breaks or the number 13. It is due to the Goliath opponent who races to throw sand in our eyes while we try to make ends meet.

You are important. Satan knows it and wants to convince you that you and your zone are decayed to the point of no hope. Your God is the ultimate and final conqueror and He pleads with us to walk through the shadows of life and death as if we have already won...for we have (Romans 8:37-39).


Wendy said...

perfect timing. Thank you!

Kevin Woodson said...

As always Terry you hve a way of summing things up. God bless you Terry Rush.

Anonymous said...

Should we have any worry when things are seeming a bit easy?

Patti Sikes said...

I imagine 3 of my most used statements are:
1. There's a big red target on the top of our house again today!
2. Be a blessing anyway!
3. God Is Good All The Time And All The Time God Is Good...