Saturday, July 18, 2009


One of the new things Jesus has plunked down on my table is to wait. I'm impulsive by my old nature and it surely wishes to penetrate my new. Confidence and wait are two twin towers in the Spirit-led life. Confidence comes from God and results come from the same.

We who are in ministry usually have a common thread; urgency. We, therefore, become hyper when an idea hits us that we "know will work". Our spirits are punctured whether one or several kill the dream. I have lived many depressing days in this desert.

But over time I've learned the value of waiting. Sometimes I have been allowed to get my way only to watch my own dream crash in flames alongside the road of kingdom pursuit. I once "had to have" a certain man added to our staff. The elders declined my passionate request twice. They yielded against their better judgment upon my third desperate plea. This employee was one of the worst experiences of my 62 years young life.

I've learned to wait. I learned to be puzzled and wait. I continue experience complexity and confusion over matters; but I know if I will wait God will keep His promise. He will show up with full explanation.

So, especially to you young whipper-snappers who have great drive.....let me urge you as to how to keep that drive over the long haul. Wait. Wait on God. He will not let you have your way in some areas because He either sees a problem with it you can't envision from earth's citadel or He has the better idea coming around the bend hidden in a new member coming to your congregation in fifteen years.

Don't fret the small stuff nor the big stuff. Wait. Wait is neither cowardice nor laziness when fueled by faith. It is sheer and pure trust; trusting the Living God over our dimly lit and ambitious eyes.


Patti said...

That word "wait" translated "patience" is a major component of love. I have had a life changing experience getting to know the mother and father of a 3 year old girl who has been waiting since January for a heart transplant. We were watching the movie FIREPROOF together... it was the theme song by John Waller, "WHILE I'M WAITING ON YOU LORD" that brought us to tears. Tim and Cristi Schwamb (OC grads) have become a daily inspiration on WAITING to thousands as they make this journey of love... waiting... You can watch their video here at:

Terry Rush said...


I really like you today!

Christi said...

This is SUCH a tough lesson for me, but one I should truly learn to master. Thanks for providing a different perspective on the topic!