Friday, July 24, 2009


The leading edge of kingdom life is a challenge because it is fluid...and in spirit. Those led by the Spirit (Jn. 3:8) are like the wind; rut and rote will not/are not a part of the kingdom walk.

For those who truly focus upon effective leadership, we hit multiple stumps which leave us perplexed. How are we to move over them...or around them...or through them? We care. We don't want to cause upset. We do want to see change as the status quo was never a kingdom theme. Church growth, spiritual growth, individual growth, and growth in Christ are kingdom essentials.

How do we approach it? How do we do it? Trust God. Trust Him to begin and complete His work in you. He will provide. He has promised.

So what do you need where you are? New elders or your maturity to learn how to work with the ones you have? Either or both could be the need. New life in sermons? A fresh start in worship? Better and more interesting Bible teachers? Perhaps a new approach to the community? Maybe increased giving?

Have you asked God for your needs? He's serious when He says keep Him in the loop. I urge you to estimate (but never from selfish ambition) your work's needs. Seek Him. Ask Him to send specifically what your church needs; what your ministry needs. Expect Him to show up...I don't care if no one else believes believe it. God only needs one believer to rattle the kingdom cages.

Not sure how to lead next? Go for all of the possibilities you can imagine. God will bless...really!


Lita said...

Oh Terry! God knew I needed that post today! Thanks for letting him speak through your fingers tapping on the keys.

Ronna said...

Thanks Terry! I so needed that much! Somedays, the kindgom life seems like its all uphill. Thanks for the encouragement to keep on. It's people like you who bring a smile to my heart on days like today!

I know God is hearing our cries for a Christ centered body and through His Spirit we will get there...keep praying for us in Deer Park!

Brian said...
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Brian said...

Again and again and again, such timely messages! Thanks for being a God-gift to so many!