Saturday, June 20, 2009


Doing enough and being good enough is either a worrisome or intimidating endeavor. We are built with God programmed into our central nervous system. We imagine in His court. Our drive is divine.

Due to such, we are susceptible to wanting to do more than we can get done. Sometimes I feel like I'm going to explode with failure. I'm not referencing discouragement; but rather imaginative opportunity. We just can't seem to exert the skill or energy needed to cover the landscape of need in front of us.

The world we are in but not of is stirring with extreme need. We know the answer; his name is Jesus. Serving, though, the living God with His heart implant leaves us desperate for our hands and feet to cooperate with this Gigantic Spirit He has implanted.

Ours, therefore, is a world of such enormity that if not careful we are likely to feel plagued by sheer inadequacy. We will do well to remember our adequacy is from Him and never from us...II Cor. 3:3-5.

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