Friday, May 22, 2009


Jesus informed mankind that from the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. Mouths speaking can be glorious or notorious, dependent upon the words selected. We know the difference between a pep talk and a tongue lashing. Both create definitive moods which ride on our shoulders the remainder of the day.

Speaking well is, therefore, utterly important. Our words are creative because we are created in God's image and He created the world through "saying"; Let there be light, etc. Equally true, our words create. So framing our words well, whether in business or relationship, is of profound importance. Words make or break sales, letters, and dreams.

How do we obtain the use of better words exiting our mouths? This is where the eye bone must be connected to the tongue bone. If we have eyes to see hope, possibility, and glory, our mouths will repeat what our eyes see. That's why God said in Ephesians 1:18 that he was praying for the eyes of their hearts. When the eyes see hope the mouth speaks hope. If the eyes see frustration, the mouth parrots what the eyes see.

Therefore, it is not a strange thing that God says in the gospels, From the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. Heart-eyes write the script for the mouth. The tongue bone is connected to the eye bone.....and we can neither deny nor defy that law.

Wanna speak better? See better.


Leon Mission Effort said...

that really encouraged me, b/c I was just given a serious tongue lashing the other day and it nearly broke my spirit. I'm thankful that God gave me strength to go on, but it did remind me how powerful words are. I want to be a man that builds of God's people and encourages them in their ministries for His glory! It's funny how just by our mouth we can destroy or multiply our efforts!! thx Terry, good stuff.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Rush, thanks for a great post. A point I've realized recently has to do with the word "abundance" or "overflow" in the NIV. The mouth speaking out of the OVERFLOW of the heart paints for me a picture of an overflowing pail. Our words are only the LEFT OVER remnant of what is truly in our heart.

So for those that spew forth verbal venom...imagine the poison choking their hearts. For those that pour out words dripping with grace...imagine the joy they treasure.

Thanks again.

Lita said...

Wow! What a great analogy. The tongue would be so much easier to tame if we had control over the way we perceive. Something else to work on. Amazing stuff, Terry.

Anonymous said...

"Wanna speak better, see better". That's great!

I'm currently trying to reach out to and help a friend who is drowning in stress and self-pity. He's constantly speaking about the "downers" in his life. Problem is, his heart is always focused on those things. He needs to "see better" so he can speak better!


Terry Rush said...

Leon....isn't it fun to realize God knows how to pick us up. Proud of you, my friend!

Anon....OVERFLOW makes me think of Patrick Mead's recent statement when at Memorial Drive. He said that due to Jesus' grace and mercy, he is OVERSAVED. I'll never forget that statement. are a delight to work beside. You inspire. have good insight. One's language is the gauge. Maybe we should invent a new word; LANGAUGE.

Christi said...

Beautiful post again! Making the daily effort to SEE better is the growth area for me. But thanks for putting something that we SHOULD know into a clever anecdote so I can better remember!