Thursday, May 21, 2009


Don't you realize we walk around carrying the great secret? I mean we have such reason to be lit up about life...our ordinary, common, masterful, abundant, magnificent LIFE!

Why are we able to be so "up" with all the downers pounding and denials nipping at us? We know the secret of resurrection power.

For the first years of being me, I thought resurrection power was for when we eventually arose from the cemetery. Wrong. It is for right now as well. We have a secret about us; a power which defies every negativity of the moment. We can come to life in the midst of defeat. We can come to life in the center of a mean-spirited scalding. We can come to life in the middle of the dumbest and dullest reports ears could fathom.

Our secret is nothing can approach us that can barricade thrilling life. Oppose us to the hilt and we will break out in applause. We like right now. With all its ailments, with all its disappointments, with all it abuses, we cannot help but wave that resurrection power wand and expect to see vast improvement in our spirits.....right now.

That's the secret we know....and we are free to tell it. I just did. Hmmm, we really are a good news people.

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Anonymous said...

Mr. Rush, you cannot possibly have even the slightest idea of how much I needed these words today. We too often forget the very secret we possess...or perhaps we keep it a secret from even ourselves.

Thank you.