Saturday, May 02, 2009


My local donut shop has been a favorite early morning hang-out for years. I even have my own private erase board hanging near my table to keep track of my spit-wad score for the month. I get four shots from various places around the shop; two points if making a basket from my chair and four points if making the shot from one of three further distances. Once I sink a shot, that's it for the day. If I miss after four tries? No points.

I'm developing a slight relationship with a new little Spanish church which shows up on Saturday mornings. My shot-making has ignited the imaginations of children and a few of the men as they now roll up the napkins and give them a toss. Now when I walk in on Saturday mornings, the kids know what is coming!

This morning the group has really grown. The age is basically young marrieds and children. The owner of the store told me this group meets at 5:00 a.m. on Saturdays for prayer and worship and then comes to the shop afterwards. I love this group.

Next week I have a surprise for this sweet church. When they visit the donut shop next Saturday the Memorial Drive Church of Christ will have paid the $125 coffee/juice/donut bill with the exhortation from the owner that we are proud of them.

I have a son, daughter-in-law, and three grandkids who are missionaries in Guadalajara. They will be going with me one Saturday morning in the Fall to meet these people. I imagine God will be working very well.

How fun to be free to till, sow, and water knowing God works.

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Tucker said...

Brother Terry,
You are just an inspiration! How you can turn spit wads into an encouragement for people is amazing! God never ceases to amaze how HE works through you.