Friday, May 01, 2009


Have you listened to the news lately? I don't think it good for us to take in so much negativity into our systems. We aren't just bombarded with facts; but also extreme bias from both sides. And the facts have a way of being warped to fit the agenda of the media market. After all the media is selling under-arm gel and nasal mists.

Distanced from these concerns are the elements we deal with in our reduced circle of society and individually. Worries flourish if not pruned. Burdens gain weight if transport partners aren't found. Life is tough on several fronts.

So how does one stay up? I know how. I used to live in the a minister. I was "pit"iful. But God awakened me to His brand of thinking. Philippians 4:4-9 can be the motto for those of you as I was.

Paul urges us to think on the right things; things that are going right....and many things are, you know. We can take responsibility for things we get wrong and survive by contemplating those areas we see His success. Too think about God and His ability is as positive as it gets.

But the really good thing about Paul's admonition is his emphasis on practicing these things. None of us are pros at being "up". Each has to practice realigning our thinking. I enjoy it. I don't enjoy failing; but I do relish the freedom I now possess to reassess what God might interject into the center of my worry field.

The way to stay up when things go wrong is to intentionally inventory every wonder and marvel in our midst. Such is abundant. God is abundant.


Darrel M said...

Some morning when I get to Tulsa, we will have a cup of coffee and I will share with you why I needed this today.

Brenda said...

I love this!
I don't watch the news because of all the negativity & depression that comes with it. Therefore, I am clueless as to what is going on in the world. But am I? I am happy, less depressed, less sad, & don't find time to worry about the things that are not important to me. Why worry??? There are millions of others out there doing it for me! And why worry about tomorrow or 10 years from now? I just want to live today happy, joyful, & free of worry! It gives me more of a chance to minister to those who worry about the little things. There is always something that could be worse! I am just happy to be alive and get to live the life I have! Worry will just have to do it all alone without me!