Thursday, May 14, 2009


  • CHECK OUT Memorial's new website. A huge thank you to Melvin Fox and Shane Coffman for finally providing us something up-to-date.

  • AN ELDER FROM CALIFORNIA is working on converting our 100% Natural DVDs to Spanish.

  • AS YOU READ "SAME KIND OF DIFFERENT AS ME", leave comments about it on the current blog I write (regardless of topic) so we can be reminded of the impact of that book.

  • BE CONFIDENT that God knows how to turn every obstacle into a tool expanding His kingdom fields.

I never met a man that wasn't superior to me in something.

Vernon Law, former pitcher, Pittsburg Pirates


Donna G said...

I don't like to follow rules, but I am leaving my Same Kind of Different As ME comment here....cuz you said to.

I read this book over the winter and it was great! I need to visit it again as some of its impact has worn off. But you are right as to how it opened my eyes to so many things...including my sometimes ignorant attitudes...

Terry Rush said...

Way to go Donna!!!!

I'm proud you followed the rules.

You are the first one to do so.

Will there be others who can do what Donna did?