Tuesday, May 19, 2009


1. I learned today that Royce Money is stepping down as President of ACU. I emailed my friend, Randy Harris, immediately asking my name be removed from the successor consideration hat. He quickly came back with, sorry but the Rush for president signs have already gone up all over campus.peace,randy

There I go....being considered once again for the top post of a university. Just the rumor of me getting my doctorate at Pepperdine has caused such a flurry of interest. I'll learn to endure.

2. My good friend Brian McCutchen began a new blog,

3. If you want to get a feel for developing a calm spirit, research Jesus' last week. He would not let the tedious deceit and politics cause him to veer from his mission. Even with back swollen and bruised, with throat parched, and with his own blood blurring his eyes, he would not succumb to being a pitiful and bemoaning doubter. He showed us how to live under extreme duress and care for everyone around in the process.

4. Our youth minister is moving to Mt. Carmel, Illinois as their new pulpit minister. Bobby Smith has been a fabulous youth minister at Memorial for five years. I marvel at his maturity. We wish him the greatest of kingdom blessings.

5. If you don't know what your congregation could do for your community, open a food bank. Locals are simply hungry. Children in America are hungry. Families are scared. Memorial is having more and more first-timers pass through our place in great need of food. Jesus fed the 5000. So can we. I wonder.....his body must feed what....500 million each day globally? That's probably a low number.

6. Another friend, Kent Smith, is getting a career going in the entertainment industry. Known as Grumpy Smith, you can check out pertinent information at http://grumpysmith.com/blog/ Give Kent a serious consideration at your next banquet or special event. He's another one of the good guys.

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I've got to spend a little time with Kent "Grumpy" Smith, and you are right, he is a great guy.

I can't wait to get him to speak in Childress.