Sunday, May 10, 2009


One commenter asked that I share more about last week's trip to Malibu. I want to share something very key about this trip and then we'll move on to other topics the rest of the week.

Here's the best part of Pepperdine's I see it. While I love the speakers, the scenery, and meeting up with friends or making new ones, my favorite part is to sit in the dining hall for breakfast and note the hundreds in full roar gabbing at the tables. The whir-r-r of chatter isn't it. Trying to imagine what all God has done through all of those people is.

I believe God has done amazing things through all of those gathered. You would want to understand the same is true for a crowd gathered at ACU or David Lipscomb or the Tulsa Workshop, etc. When I sit in that dining hall I am wowed by the truth that major things have been accomplished by these Christians; so many wonderful things that I doubt they can remember or realize all God has done with, in, and through them.

How could President Andy Benton grasp the churches and the nations that have been impacted by his wearied hours of devotion to students under his care? How could Jerry Rushford calculate the unchristian masses who have been blessed by his promotion of the Christ of God? These guys can't possibly fathom the minutest details of God's rich glory in their work.

So it is with all who sit in the dining halls....the common place for common people enjoying a common meal. God is brilliant. We are hooked to His star!

I say this to awaken you to your own impactive wonder. I received the sweetest note from a lady I hardly know named Shirley Woods. What an inspiration. Two readers, Linda and Nicole (mother/daughter), email me privately and their words lift my spirit to soar-level. The notes and calls I receive in the thread of appreciative communication simply lifts my spirits to a higher plane than the senders could imagine. They are "that" powerful.

We are of such dual existence; inspiring and able to be inspired. Don't underestimate the power of your most casual experience. When God is at our helm wonder galore is spewing by the power of the tender and amazing Holy Spirit. Good for you....for us. Because of God, we enhance life to a better level for thousands and nations.

That's what Pepperdine makes me think about.


newheights said...

you certainly inspire. Thanks for that. said...

Good stuff :)

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awesome thank you for sharing.....