Monday, May 11, 2009


Is the soul of man cratering due to his stubborn bias? I'm grieved....really. There is such need for the love of the truth of God in this every age. I fear He doesn't have half a chance in His own creation.

Bias and preference and opinion rule. Man seems to have less commitment to truth than to being sold by the better PR of any matter. I throw myself into this ring for how do I think I have escaped any more than another?

Whether conflict among gender, race, politics, or religion, truth suffers voice because man is wired in misguided self-preservation; including his right to buy into the best sales scheme of the pertinent topic. Who's saying it and how does he or she look while it is being said can determine the listener's stance over truth of the matter being presented.

So it is with God. How many have chosen to behave as if there is no God because they have developed the complete alibi; failed Christians. Consciences are salved by the ointment of finding a fault with any (the many any) believers and--wa la--such a conclusion must be legit. isn't.

God is God because He is; not because a person or a group of people succeed or fail. Millions are going to be forever lost in hell because they compared the Living God to an ailing and injured believer. Will the lost ever realize the reason Christians fail is because they are complete failures? Will these objectionists ever understand we are a group whose only hope of being saved is by Jesus dying on the cross because all of our combined efforts of righteousness fell in utter collapse? I know one here and ten there are drawn to him....but what about the masses marching the wrong way?

It is so one thing to reject Jesus because one researched and concluded he just can't buy into his concept. Yet, for the masses to march over the edge of cliff eternal because of ignorant bias makes me ill. I'm praying for God to help me reach these gifted and amazing people. They are being duped and betrayed by their own egos.

God possesses the truth. We must think of ways to alert them to the impending stampede presently gathering the wrong direction.


Anonymous said...

"I'm praying for God to help me reach these gifted and amazing people. They are being duped and betrayed by their own egos."

Terry - one particular group out there you're targeting? Or am I reading too much into those two sentences?

You're a Holy encouragement to many!


Terry Rush said...


I'm not sure what you are getting at. The target group would be any person(s) who believe they have legitimate excuse to ignore God because they have "all those
Christians" in mind who don't live up to their "standards" of a good Christian.

Christians are only good because Jesus makes us so.

Does the that help?

Anonymous said...

A few of your thoughts brought to mind a potential project you mentioned months ago about reaching out to some in Hollywood, that's all. I'm good at reading too much into things!