Friday, May 08, 2009


I just returned from the best lectureship ever!

I loved it. No, I missed out on my honorary doctorate....but I do think such is in the distant winds. And....I must say that pie and coffee did not stop Lindhurst Theater from being packed both nights when I got to speak! I had a great time meeting so many new people and getting to see old friends.

What made this event so great this year was every speaker was talking about Jesus and his magnetic nature.

When I'm near Ken Young and Hallal or Brandon Scott Thomas and Zoe I am so happy I get to be me! Monte Cox was the perfect opening keynoter. Liz Pence has to be one of the deepest; yet practical, teachers I've ever encountered. Rick Atchley portrayed the need to be preaching/following Christ only to the point if I wouldn't have embarrassed him, I would have leaped to my feet mid-sermon with applause.

What I deeply appreciated about his message is that Jerry Rushford allowed it and supported it. It takes courage to put on meaningful lectureships/workshops. These guys take huge hits for having various speakers on the program. While Rick was courageous, I was stricken by how much I love Jerry in his stance on moving us closer to Christ and the cross through such a speaker.

Finally, what made the messages and event so impactive to me was the spirit in which the messages were delivered. No venom. No egotistical threats. No rolling of the eyes toward disappointing moments of our past. We are growing out of childish barking at one another. All of Pepperdine's keynoters had a message: a simple call---kindly, clearly, bravely--- to become increasingly serious about the one named Jesus was the hallmark of every message.

I loved it. I learned from it. I needed the strong reminder. Thank you Jerry Rushford, Andy Benton, David Baird, and others from Pepperdine. We were built up once again by a faith that really lives.


Anonymous said...

tell more! Would love to hear about it! said...

I saw you on the first night (I sat behind you on the bleachers), but you were gone before I had a chance to say hello.

I did have a piece of pie with your son last night at the Harding Alum social.

I've really enjoyed my time here too - so has my wife.

This was our first time here, and I don't think we'll be missing another Pepperdine Lectureship. :)