Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Enthuse is truly by its definition God within. How do we hit the wonderful level of enthusiasm? And, how do we keep it once we get it?

Have you ever been at those mid-summer Sunday evening assemblies when the youth group gives their report just back from camp? What is their mood...every year? F-U-L-L of enthusiasm.

I propose we can be precisely, exactly that excited about our lives everyday. Not only on the great days....but even on the good and not so good days.

How? Be thankful. Thanksgiving is a mark of hope in the New Testament writers. Yes, who among us could grow weary from well-doing? Well, all could but we don't. We don't get tired of the hassle. We don't get tired of the disappointment. We don't become bummed by our own glaring lack. The reason? We are so amazingly, indebtably thankful to God for the brilliant life He gives us.

I talk to my office colleagues repeatedly about the negatives that strike at us. Who wouldn't love to sit in our office and have our jobs for just one week. We get to have them every day! I'm not going to wish one day of my life away ever again.

Not everything in the kingdom is fun. Everything is a blessing. So I say live like it....F-U-L-L of thanksgiving toward God who runs the show.

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Linda L said...

Amen, Terry! Thanks for reminding me to be thankful in all things! Just what I needed when the cloudy skies and rain get me down.