Wednesday, October 15, 2008


What would happen if we became more aware of how wrong we are? What would it do to us (or for us) if we could drop the pride thing of believing we have a grip on all of the answers and become hungry for more and more of His Revelation? I think we are developing in the church an atmosphere or members high on preferences and opinion while being low on letting the Word study us.

Whether sermon preparation, blog research, or simple reading of the Bible, I am constantly impressed with how it takes me directions I had not intended. The Word is always pointing life out to us….always! I encourage you to keep reading scriptures as well as other writings which discuss scriptures. Such an approach lets visitors join us in the process of learning about him. This lessens the stark thought of we and they.

Brian McLaren wrote that Jesus was criticized for being a friend of sinners---he welcomed and accepted people who did not yet, “believe right, think right, speak right, and act right.” But he knew something we need to know: If people can belong long enough to observe how God is alive among us, if people can belong long enough to see authentic love among us, if they can belong long enough to see whatever good exists in our lives as individuals and as community, they can come to believe.

If we will but continue to become students of the Christ, such a trend will make it easier for seekers to join us with the feeling of belonging to a group which learns together. The we and the they become more of an us.

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Caleb Courtney said...

Thank you for your daily doses of encouragement! Your and McLarren's statements ring so true. For too long I focused on a system of beliefs over a way of life. Salt and Light are going to be the only way that we can bring others to know Jesus Christ. There is so much confusion in the world when it comes to God. So many people, business, and countries using God for their own means. We combat this by seasoning every conversation we enter with God's love and by shinning the light of truth everywhere we go. Then, and only then, will we be able to help others learn to walk in His footsteps. Thanks again for your uplifting thoughts!