Sunday, September 07, 2008

My good friend, Jeff Brown, sent me a most encouraging and timely letter Saturday to boost my spirit. He didn’t know the precise salve of the moment which his words would bring. Once again, God struck!

In his letter Jeff quoted from the Sayings of the Desert Fathers, “What must one do in order to please God? The old man replied, 'Pay attention to what I tell you: whoever you may be, always have God before your eyes; whatever you do, do it according to the testimony of the Holy Scriptures; in whatever place you live, do not easily leave it. Keep these precepts and you will be saved.' ”

This quote is passed on by a man who has been superintendent of the same school for twenty years; two decades, 1040 weeks! I admire him greatly for his endurance while he continually displays nothing but the Spirit of Christ in his walk.

I encourage you to heed the quote I now pass from Jeff through me to you. Hang in there. Hold on. God runs the show. Dings and dents hurt us deeply. God’s anointing oil keeps the light shining from our eyes.


WC said...

I was going to ask you about something, but this post was the answer before I asked. Now I've got to figure it out. Thanks! And thanks, Mr. Brown!

Anonymous said...

Brother Terry Rush, I do want you to be a story writer for my story book compilation. You have made a huge difference in my life by all I have read about you and all that I read here, your works and your having the opportunity to share other's works as well. You write well and I appreciate what you do. I have had 4 submissions so far and they are all good. Thanks for sharing from the heart. God Bless, Jim Cooke - Midland, TX reader

Liz Moore said...

Thanks for passing along such a great reminder! I love it when God knows just what we need!