Saturday, June 21, 2008


Earth is such a earthlings. We are more educated than ever; yet society doesn't seem to be improving. We have much bigger selections; but satisfaction doesn't keep pace. Opportunities should be greater; however so much of the populace can't function responsibly or independently. We are emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually challenged in very many areas. Read the front page of any newspaper on any day and deny this is true.

There is one thing which seems to offer sure-fire blessing every time: death.

Death is valuable. It works. II Cor. 4:12 says so. Beyond the scriptural fact, one can simply look at life around and it reaches its pinnacle at death. I just watched an hour long re-run of a talk show discussing Tim Russert's funeral. Death did it again. It brought out the best in those remaining.

Due to the death of their endearing colleague and friend, each guest abandoned senses of sarcasm, brashness, and indifference. Smugness yielded to kindness. Closedness sought openness. Rudeness was replaced by tenderness. Death strikes a blow to selfishness and opens all of the windows for the fresh air of love to be both seen and sensed.....and harvested.

How blessed we are that God saw ahead of time that to lose ourselves would be to find the real us. To let go would be the route to find life worth possessing. God is a Genius!

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