Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Many who knew Jesus while he was on earth in his singular body noted nothing exceptional. He was plain. He was common. To them he was nothing unusual. He was only a man. After the fact (now that we've read the rest of the story), of course our eyes are opened and we see him in the/as the True Light.

What they saw in him, many see in you. They might note that you are nothing more than common. Yet, you are the Jesus element more. You are gifted by the same Holy Spirit and involved in the same Holy Kingdom.

The woman at the well? Not just a nameless woman at a well. She is the "keeps the fascination of Jesus going" nameless woman at the well. The woman at his feet? She wasn't just pouring perfume. She remains the "keeps the fascination of Jesus going" woman who sobbed uncontrollably into centuries.

And you? Are you the "keeps the fascinating story of Jesus going" giver at missions day, sharer in small groups, or hugger at funerals? Maybe you are the greeter at the door "keeping the fascinating story of Jesus going" or possibly the plugger-inner of the coffee pot before class? Our people need help in understanding each counts. Each is profound and not just a little bit. You, my friend, keep the fascinating story of Jesus going. Live like you count!

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4:18 said...

we all have a role in kingdom building! your point is well taken and once again, it came at the perfect time. thank you for your walk, god bless