Tuesday, April 22, 2008


To some the term change agent has negative meaning. If they want to make it such, so be it. I want to be one. I am one. What was it Jesus did? He changed (reversed) the direction of mankind. When Jesus got done with people, they were different. I want to do that. I get to do that. We are called to do that.

Here's our greatest calling: we get to take the broken-hearted, the crippled in spirit, and the lonely rejects and change their lives! We get to do that! We get to believe in people when they are out of muster to believe in themselves. We get to see hope in others when they haven't heard if there is any longer hope. We get to cheer on the downtrodden. We get to take those just barely getting by and pour the love of God into their paths and watch them be changed. We are change agents.

We get to approach churches which are stuck and see the Spirit of God resurrect (change) them. We get to approach a congregation which may have little faith it could make significant difference and then we begin to put the bloom into them. We are change agents! We turn good people toward their own greatness which no one has yet to point them toward. We get to lead wonderful followers of the Christ to steadfast confidence. We change minds! We get to do this!

If we aren't changing things for the better and improving much for good, what are we doing? God didn't call us to Petrified Church. He called us to a Marching Soldierdom which moves about the land bringing about fabulous, outrageous, glorious change.

I am a change agent. What a thrill. May we be more determined than ever to keep moving forward within the greatest movement ever......God's Kingdom! He changes me. He changes us. We share the change by taking it to the world. Go for it!


Anonymous said...

Metanoia, repentance is change. Jesus commands it.
The gospels were written to change the churches to get back on track of who Jesus is.
Yep. You're on to something good in helping us to change by your work.
Keep up the good work.
Keep sharing your real heart. You're helping me to be more real.
Don't waste too much time on reading your critics.
I'm doing a class tonight on Gideon.
Small guy.
Big attitude.
Thought of Zacheaus and other short guys with a big attitude.
Much love,
Larry Wishard, Class of '74.

David U said...

I'm thankful you are one!

See ya next week on the coast.