Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Our daily pattern must be protected from the Robber. Jesus came that we might have life knowing the Thief comes to steal. Good life is often stolen. In my earlier years, little suited me. I seldom felt like I was good enough. I wished I could have been born somebody else. I envied those who had jobs they enjoyed. As some of you may have felt, I believed I was one who drew the short straw.

Jesus changes life. That's not Sunday School jargon, either. Authentic transformation of common, normal people is for today. The aches and pains of living continue, yet our perspective shifts so dramatically it appears humanity really can and should be born over. What makes the transition stick? What gives us the boost for enjoying the moment?

Dependence upon God's Spirit rather than ourselves is a start. His ways are much more exciting and useful. Coffee Shop critics of faith do not realize they, too, have been robbed by the Thief. Even those who are vocal against God's system privately wonder about Him when they close their eyes at night. Therefore, attitude adjustments count. When we develop a spirit of thankfulness, gratitude, and appreciation, the bitter dregs of disappointment shift to shadow. The sweet taste of appreciated blessings begin to dominate both our talk and our walk.

In 1979 I battled hyper-thyroid disease. It nearly claimed my life. I was so weak I could not shave, shower, and dress of a morning without taking naps in between each duty. To this day, some twenty-eight years later, I notice each morning I can do all three in a breeze. I love right now.

Take note of the things going well all around you. Speak of the good things. Shift from grump to grateful. True, there are many thugs and brats planted along your path intending to rob you of your life. I cheer you on to also notice the courtesies and kindnesses of each gentle day.....that put a smile on your face. My four year old grandson, Hayden, was overheard yesterday by his mother as he was singing in the bathroom, "Ourrrr Father is short in Heaven, Hal, oh why be thy name." What a singer!

Even when we don't get everything right and not everything comes out as we had hoped, we still have reason to keep on singing.


Liz Moore said...

Praise God for all the reasons to keep on singing!! Thanks Terry! Love ya!

Norsemanrm said...

All I need say is...Thanks Friend!