Tuesday, August 14, 2007


I don't pose such a question from a zone of pride. I'm not meaning to induce us to bragging for none of us are anything more than a nobody. But, I often ponder just how big and strong and effective the corporate body of Christ is today....and this includes us.

I wonder what terrible uprisings to humanity by humanity have been quenched and never reportable because Spirit-led believers behaved in faith in such terms that the corporate us pulled off a major coup and never knew it because we are properly blind to our enormity. I wonder how often evil is thrashed by goodness; yet it was such a big story no one could see its size.

Who takes a magnifying glass to the Rockies? No one, I assume. Our eyes surrender all thought of measurement and submit to enjoyment. Political issues, mine collapses (as well as bridges), and homicides rant day in and day out. Yet, last night I saw John McCoy receive his Eagle Scout Badge.

As I watched younger boy scouts participate in the ceremonies I wondered, once again, of the positive impact goodness is having on earth. I believe the kingdom of God is tied in on these things. From this to Girl Scouts to smiling greeters at Wal-Mart to gentle nurses putting in long hours, society has a lot going for it. Teachers, in schools and churches, who mold little children surely are having unknown impact upon Life....the Life connected to Christ.

For too long we have reduced God to buildings (even to specific, restricted brands of buildings) called church houses. I encourage you to ponder the next time you drive by American Airlines or Tyson Foods or Target or places like them to just wonder how much God has going on.

We are minor, but how can we fathom the size of Jesus being major? Be encouraged. Much awe is taking place.....all around.


Liz Moore said...

Great thoughts friend! If we all had the awe of children how much more of God would we see and how much bigger would He be. When I think of the children, I think of the song "My God is so Big, So Strong and So Mighty..." He is Big! He is Able! Love you friend!

That Girl said...

I'm a lurker here but your post reminded me of an 'employee of the month' story that happened at the hospital where I work. Two of our EMTs had a patient that was regularly transported from his home to a dialysis facility. This gentleman mentioned once that he wished he could just go deer hunting one more time. These EMTs took one of their days off and drove the man out to the woods in the ambulance and they all sat in the back of the ambulance 'hunting'. No deer were bagged but I believe that these guys showed Jesus to the older man. God doesn't only live in church buildings.