Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Christianne Amanpour was Larry King's guest last night hailing her documentary series, The God Warriors. King's additional panelists were a Jewish, Muslim, and Christian leader. Another Christian was interviewed by remote. The two Christian men made Amanpour's point as they could not find much air time in which they did not clearly oppose one another.

Thus it is with each sect. Regarding their call to go by their true "Bible", each division finds battle lines drawn within as unyielding interpretation is disputed. The discussion of war between Jew, Muslim, and Christian is dramatically sabotaged by the shameful glut of in-fighting of each. None can reach the souls they wish for their (our) own obstinate and self-centered determination to render "all others to believe like me".

While I'm not usually a MacArthur fan (See, there even I go in my own discord), he did a superb job of defining the Christian's ultimate role. While MacArthur's view was a clear stance upon Jesus of the Bible, he called for us to rescind our vocal judgment upon mankind and leave that up to the Judge. His noting Jesus' call to put away the sword and awaken to the fact His kingdom is not of this world was a breath of fresh air.

Each religious representative did sound the call for harmony in their united protest of the blatant damage done by the extremists of each party being handed the microphone and given the camera lens of the media. I agree with all three.

I urge you to continue your quiet development in Jesus. Learn to serve in submission to whatever government, whatever political party, whatever slant the powers that be enforce. Christians are dependent neither on who's in office nor what continent they live. Ours is a most confident faith because the Christ was victor while he lived and while he died. We are not dependent on circumstances, votes, nor court decisions. We are to be the embodiment of good news in the center of decadent, corrupt, and shameful blanketing of a negative spewing media. We have a story to tell in the market place....His.

Be consumed with good news and then pass the word along. Our day holds the perfect environment for something positive.


Greg said...

Great words of wisdom. Thanks for an oft-forgotten reminder of Whose we really are.

Tim said...

well said! Christ places so much emphasis on the concepts of Peace and Unity, and yet our idea of unity is often defined as 'everyone believing as I do'... thanks for constantly reminding me that there are other 'Children of God' (the true and living God, not Allah or Buddah) who do not agree with everything I believe...

I have boiled it down (in my life) to this: if you fully believe in Jesus, we are brothers... period...

...and the other stuff we normally choose to haggle and fight about is meaningless.

jcc said...

hey terry and all of his blog readers, do you know much about probe ministries? we may only need to be good news which i agree with but we also need to provide those with a way to God other than thtu Jesus the truth whether they accept it or not.