Saturday, February 10, 2007


One of the most amazing stories unfolded before the very eyes of Oprah viewers Friday, February 9th. Initially, I watched the program mainly because I saw Mike Cope's blog mention his sister-in-law would be on. I am thrilled and inspired at what I got to see and hear.

First, Oprah was more passionate about the topic than any theme I've observed. She spoke with tears in her eyes about the child slavery in Ghana. Her smiles would shift in soberness, but her tears never left. Oprah aches for the underdog.

Second, the revelation of what these children endure is heart crushing! I can't stand it! I'm moved once again to robustly continue our kingdom trek of believing the entire globe is ours to approach with the immeasurable love of Christ. Such vivid pictures help me sort through which doctrines are important to debate and which dare never cross my lips again.

Third, Pam was beautiful. I loved her absolute grace and charm. She was perfect! She not only recued little-boy Mark from slavery in Ghana; she single-handedly, without a shot fired, captured and arrested Oprah. Oprah's closing line was she has interviewed hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of celebrities who do great social work, but Pam is the one who deserves "the" standing ovation. And.....she got it. The audience applauded while I cried hot tears of salute.

Fourth, God showed up on television! I have prayed for several years that God would show up in the media in a favorable way. He has. He showed up on Larry King Live many times; especially when the missionary's wife and child's plane was shot down in South America and the man sat on Larry King's show and told the whole world what he had merely intended to share with a small region in South America.

But who would have guessed God would show up in the frame and heart of a lady from rural Missouri?!?!? I cried and cried....I'm crying as I write. God showed up on television under the name Pam Cope. She really had little to do with it. While she took the ball and ran with rescuing Mark, it was God who took Pam and ran in connecting her to millions of hearts globally!

Finally, I believe this is not the end of the story. Oprah has such deep admiration for Pam that this relationship needs our prayers showering them both. All Pam needs to do is note an important move of God and call on Oprah. I haven't a clue what it is. I am sure, Oprah will respond to the name Pam Cope.....who has done a simple and common job of responding to the name Jesus Christ.


Mike Ballard said...

I agree with you Terry! The Oprah Show with Pam Cope was very touching and powerful. I truly believe many children slaves will be rescused because Pam listened to the voice of God. I, too pray Pam will also be able to continue to influence Oprah for God's Kingdom.

Mike B.

Liz Moore said...

I missed that show. I wish I would have seen it. It is so rare for God to show up in the media in a positive way. Thanks for sharing this storing. It continues to remind us we always underestimate God and His incredible power. I will continue to pray for Pam and Oprah and that the light of Jesus will continue to shine. Have a blessed and awesome day!

tim rush said...

Love this story! Wish I could have seen it. And, can't wait to hear what God does next.

paola said...

i really can't stand why you give your god the credits when a human being does something great. it's pam's credit, it was her voice , it was all from her mind, her being. there is no god's secret plan! it's all up to us. she is amazing like many people, like Somaly Mam or Bertschinger Claire for ex, who did so much for others and has no god to thank!if you want to say thank you to an imaginery humanlike being created by homo sapiens' mind, be my guest, but i'm gonna thank pam!

Gina said...

Reggie said . . .
Hello Paola,
In response to your comment, Pam Cope is herself a committed Christian. Have you read her new book, Jantzen's Gift? It's terrific, and throughout it, Pam thanks God.