Wednesday, December 27, 2006


I love God's teaching of how He creates something out of nothing and give life to the dead. Romans 4:17-25 is the text and it's conclusion is this remarkable thing called faith. It is available to all believers with the backing of resurrection power! I love it! We, therefore, are free to look at a need with no indication of possibility showing in the wings and create a solution.

I have been praying over the years for God to show up in the mainstream media and that Jesus would receive deserved recognition. Remember, maybe two years ago, Larry King Live interviewing the missionary in South America whose light plane was shot down? Days later the surviving Christian sat on national television and freely gave his testimony. Two days ago, December 25th, Rick Warren was on Fox News for an hour telling the story of Jesus and his call to the world. The program was repeated later in the day at least once.

I encourage you to take a look at needs in your work--in your area---and mix up a good batch of faith. Draw upon the resurrection power funding of God and let us know along the way what He does!


Anonymous said...

I saw Rick Warren on "Meet the Press" with Tim Russert on Sunday morning, December 24. I was impressed with how he is using his money and fame to promote caring for people in need. He is making faith in Jesus attractive to people who may not have been impressed with Christianity before.

Anonymous said...

Terry my big problem with Rick Warren and holding him up as an example is that he teaches baptisim as just a secondary outward act in salvation. Mr Warren in much of his real teaching has left the Bible out.

Roy Coffman