Friday, December 29, 2006


I have an idea which would set Islam and Judaism and Christianity and the rest of the religious world on it's head. There is a move I could make if only I could get permission granted from the Iraqi government. Oprah, Larry King Live, and the O'Reilly Factor would clamor to give God praise. The media would bombard by seeking interviews and they would be granted over the next 30 days. The message for each venue would be the same: THE GIGANTIC LOVE FOR THE WORLD THROUGH JESUS CHRIST.

Through such an extreme measure the world would be a stage upon which everyone would view with interest the unfolding of God's wisdom and compassion. The motive would be to gain fame and glory for the Master who has been lost in the shuffle of war by indifference, war by force, and war by words.

What I would like to do is get permission to hang in Saddam Hussein's place. Is that not what Jesus did for us? Would this not rock every corner of earth? Would God be fabulous in His working not yet tried for quite some time?

"Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you...." Is that not what we should be doing? Wouldn't it be something if the word "radical" was used for once to describe a believer's love?

While one might be tempted to chalk this up as verbal nonsense, I suggest that the seed of courage just entered hearts which will (unknowingly at this moment) take profound stances of staggeringly brave love against forceful enemies of the future.


Anonymous said...

WHOA! This totally caught me off guard! You are right about one thing: it would catch the WORLD off guard too. But of course, selfishly, I don't like it.

YOU, however, I like A LOT! Thank you for encouraging me and prodding me ever forward in my faith.

tim rush said...

when you mentioned this the other night my first thought was that there was no way it could happen. Second thought was God isn't restricted by our no-ways.

Anonymous said...

I honestly have no words for this. It too caught me off guard! It saddens me to say that this thought NEVER crossed my mind at all. That makes me very ashamed.
You are such an example of God's love. Thank you for bringing what needs to be in my thoughts to my attention.

Anonymous said...

Sheesh, Terry ... I'm with the others. Powerful thought. Never crossed my mind.

Thanks for challenging my thinking.


DJT said...

If every one who claimed to be a Christian lived it like you do, what a different world we would live in!!!

I thought about whether I would be willing to do this. My answer was yes. Then, I thought about what it would feel like to have the hood on, the noose around my neck just waiting . . . .

I still answered yes. In my opinion, if I really believe Jesus, I MUST answer yes.

Stoogelover said...

Call me the cynic, Terry, but yes this would have a huge impact ... initially. And then the world would basically move on with its present course and in short time forget all about it. Much as it has done the sacrifice of Jesus. I thought our country would turn around spiritually after 9/11, and it seemed to be very God-focused for a few weeks. Today? Same old same old. As I said, call me the cynic but I think your hanging would ultimately be for naught.

Angie said...

Thanks for bringing me to tears in remembrance of the sacrifice made for me...

Even Jesus' own sacrifice was seemingly for nought in the lives of many... Tons of people live their lives today without regarding Him.

But not this one. I'll never be the same.

Whether you are one of the 99 or the one that is lost...

Every one counts.

shannon said...

Two points:

Jesus already died for Saddam and his followers.

3000 Americans have died for "Iraqi Freedom." Most of the world could care less.

Anonymous said...

Now this is something I would have never thought of but it would have an impact.

heather said...

Terry -
When I read this, my eyes widened and I had to reread what you were proposing. Admittedly,and ashamedly, I was afraid with thoughts imagining how you were figuring out how to do this.
And what a huge compliment I intend to pay you in saying that. I don't know that I can say I have known someone to live their faith so authentically every single day. And it changes lives around you every day, including mine.
Sure, apathy can innoculate itself from faith moves that happen around it daily. Sometimes it does in all of us. But hopefully we fight against that being the norm!

Jesus lived radically, opening the eternal door for us.

Additionally, God "determined the times and places" of each generation, that as we follow His lead, we too impact those around us by our radical moves of faith as well, confusing, confounding and inspiring them to look past us to the One who taught us to do such things.
And the world continues to be changed and led to Him by the radical belief of His followers.

Anonymous said...

Wow!! Again, very powerful thoughts! God continues to use you and His words through you in amazing ways. love you!