Sunday, December 03, 2006

The Gold Rush Lives On

How would you like to own a gold mine? I mean really....guaranteed to contain the real thing. How would you respond to such discovery? If you were notified of such an acquisition, what would you say to everyone you meet? And then, how would you feel when informed of the risk and cost of extracting the prized ore? Wouldn't it be worth the struggle and concentration and effort in order to tap into promised wealth? Imagine the harvest!!!!!

We have such hope. We are promised God's grace that we may have an abundance for every good deed. The risk is we have to prime the pump by giving what little we have away. It is true, every believer is actually sitting upon their own gold mine of God's grace that we may have an abundance for every good deed.

It has been my conviction for three decades the greatest undiscovered secret to mankind is the thrill, the joy, the risk, and the result found in giving. When couples seek my counsel regarding their financial straights, I advise them to increase their giving. When I visit with a young pair for pre-marital advice the one thing I am certain to cover is risking by intentionally developing a habit of giving money to God.

Malachi shares God's call to try Him out on this one. He says, Test Me. Just wait and see if the Heaven's don't open up to you. I've tested. He's right. I cheer you on right now. You, my friend, own your own gold mine.....backed by live like it by giving like it.


Stoogelover said...

Jan and I began our 32 years together tithing and have raised our giving each year. I cannot explain it, but there have been many times in our life where we simply did not have enough money, but continued to give what we'd committed to the Lord ... and we've never lacked the necessary money to pay our bills. And, usually, then some. I, too, stress to young couples the absolute necessity of developing a generous heart.

Several years ago, the elders where I preach had the minister give a series of sermons on giving and then told the congregation if people would commit to tithing (those who were not already giving at least that much), if they were not blessed by their increased giving, the church would refund their offerings at the end of the year. Many families took the challenge. No one asked for a refund.

Anonymous said...

I have also found that when I give more, God always takes care of me. It's when I start to doubt him and don't give Him what I should whether financially or otherwise that I struggle. It reminds of the verse in Mark 9 where the man who has a boy filled with an evil spirit tells Jesus "Help me overcome my unbelief." That's how I sometimes feel about a lot of things...Help me overcome my unbelief. God promises us so much, we just sometimes don't believe it can really happen. Thanks for the reminder of all the untapped gold within us!

Gilbert Kerrigan said...

Hey Terry,

I have really enjoyed reading your blog since you started it a little while ago.

I'd love for you to visit my blog and leave a comment on my latest post about preaching prep. Thanks.