Friday, December 01, 2006

Fiery Friday....AGAIN

10 1/2 inches of snow this morning in Tulsa, OK!!!!!!

Let's continue that Friday thing we've been trying by throwing some gasoline on some good people who make a difference for so many. This week let's explode on those who influenced us as kids or who influenced our kids in good ways they may never know.

CHARLES COIL inspired me to preach with passion. I met him while at Preston Road. I was 24. When I heard him preach, my grades soared in homeletics. Fortunately, I got to share such with him over the years as we became close friends. I'll not forget what Charles Coil showed me regarding pulpit skills.

MINDY PITTMAN was a huge influence on Wendy. Approximately four years older, Mindy gave special attention to my girl; treated her with kindness and thoughtfulness. The power of a teen mentoring a pre-teen is priceless. Wendy grew to return the treatment to those younger than her because she had a friend who trained her well. MINDY PITTMAN.....I salute you!

CHRIS JONES was Dusty's hero. Chris remains a solid leader in the church. Without realizing it, he provided Dusty with a tangible vision of what a popular, successful business man can accomplish for God. Chris' role...while totally unassigned...fulfilled what each of us dreams of. He walked the talk and inspired a boy to become a man of God. Chris, I applaud your true and consistent leadership.

LINDA JONES taught Timmy to read. He later grew to be known as "Tim". Teachers and two tutors had not been able to connect his mind to the written page. Linda asked if she could work with him. He quickly learned to read. (I don't think they ever worked on spelling.) Even today she will tell you she didn't do anything special except build confidence in him. How special! Linda, I throw gasoline on you to continue to brighten life in all directions!

Share what someone did for you or your children along the way which seems to never be forgotten.


norsemanrm said...

Okay, I'll start the Pyromania today.
As you mentioned those that influenced and mentored your kids, I'll start with one of yours.
I remember vividly the day a bunch of "older" guys from WCA pulled into our driveway to pick up Eric, who had just started to school there. Those young men were Tim Rush, Steve McDaniels, Mike Shakelford, and Mitch Myers.
It was a new experience to watch our kid, not yet old enough to drive himself, get into a car and head off out of our sight and influence.
And yet as we prayed for his/their physical safety we were so grateful that he was surrounded by a group of good Christian young mentors.
And that they were!
Most of those guys are now heavily involved in Ministry and Kingdom business as is our son.
THANK GUYS for being good friends and encouragers to a younger one who looked up to you.
AND NOW, another bit of additional fire stoking. This for the author of this, Mr. Rush.
Thank you for your passion for these young Ministers.
They serve in areas that can beat them up and there you are on the sideline like a seasoned and respected coach saying to them "Stay in the game, keep your focus on the real goal, God and I believe in you. It's the greatest game around."
How often have you been right on time with an encouragement? Even for our own son.
Thank you my friend...Thank you, Thank you.

Dusty said...

Dad, I love the Fiery Friday idea. I won't anyone new - but will say that Chris definitely was my hero. I don't know if he could sense that I adored him - but he sure did interact with me and guide me more than he had to. I will always remember the letter he sent to me when I was probably 10 or 11 years old. He told me about all of the things he saw God doing in me - and all of the things he thought God could do in me in the future. In some ways, that letter changed my life. I began to believe what he'd wrote.

If you're reading this Chris, thanks for being such an encouragement in my life.

Stoogelover said...

My son will never forget the time you came to one of his little league baseball games out here in Long Beach. His team was soundly defeated, which was the norm that season. You did a couple of things that day that turned the defeat into laughter. For one, you stuck two straws up your nose at the Fish Company Restaurant, and we all thought that was hilarious! But you also told Josh that the most important thing in baseball was whether or not you looked good in your uniform. I've used that so many times since then!

In my life, one of many would be a very simple, gentle man who was an elder in our church when I was in high school. Elmo Wilson. When I was having a difficult time with my dad, Elmo provided great wisdom and counsel for a very troubled young man. I'll never forget that.

And yes, Charles Coil sure could preach!

Jim Martin said...

Charles Coil was my father-in-law. Like you, I was inspired by the passion in his preaching.

Seeing him up close for many years, I was also inspired by the absolute integrity of his life. The same person in public and in private.