Thursday, April 05, 2018


It wasn't yet 7:00 this morning as I was getting my coffee at Quik-Trip when the customer ahead of me handed the clerk $2 for gasoline.  Two.  Dollars.

This one, maybe in his mid-50s, was dressed for labor it appeared.  Two dollars would not even purchase a whole gallon.

I paid for my coffee and headed directly out to pump #9.  I carefully approached the man as it was just hinting that daylight was in the mix.  I handed him a five dollar bill and encouraged him to get just a bit more fuel.  He was humbly gracious.

I am so much more blessed than so many.  I'm pumped the first thing this morning, of all places, at gas pump #9 at Quik-Trip!  The whole world needs our encouragement.

What I like about so many of you is that you do similar things repeatedly day after day.  May we be a nation of God that lives this glorious day....pumped!

May.  We.  See.  The.  People.

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