Wednesday, April 25, 2018


When I begin a post, I try to write the final sentence first.  (It is already on the screen as I now type this comment.)  It is the goal, the message in a nutshell, of what I want you to take away.  Afterward, I write with a form of leadership to hopefully help you arrive at a practical and useful destination.

Our walk seems to be a rather simple procedure of learning, then leading, and then leaping.  Learn what's needed, lead out beyond habit-forming restrictions, and then leap into the unknown and unfathomable future is surely anything but a boring and mundane trip through the corridors of life.  I'm sympathetic to every hesitant person as this old world has a way of talking us down from taking the jump into what possibly could be the greatest move of our so-far lives.

Our God, among His many traits, is Creative.  And, He calls us to imitate His Word(s).  A threat to our Christian virtues is that we will operate on our own understanding rather than the daring trust of His unexplainable, unpredictable style.  God doesn't fit the fear-mold that tends to dominate the brain-trust of humanity.  We must be careful to refrain from believing we have a better common-sense grip on life than....than God.

Common Sense is too often the hooded villain who wishes to hold faith at gunless point.  It marches into every business meeting and stands with bold guard over nearly every decision.  Common Sense is often found to be fearful of three things: learning, leading, and leaping.  Why is that?  Trusting in ourselves?  Possibly?

Too much of the Christian field is being sabotaged; not by exterior interference but by interior hedging in three areas.  Yep, they've been named.  I go through this perpetually in my daily walk.  I'm either looking over my shoulder hoping I escaped my critics or else I'm inwardly insecure due to my own self-criticism. 

Therefore, should you be somewhat like me, I cheer you on.  We can be wonderfully grateful for the faith(ful) of our past.  Do hear the calling.  No believer is along for the ride.  It is not our goal (first) to go to Heaven.  It is our call to step up to the incredible dynamics of faith.  May we dare walk out into uncharted waters of opportunity...just as Jesus once walked out onto the threatening waves only to use them as the new highway of world impact.

(And here it final sentence...written at the beginning.)
Learn from your past!  Lead from that learning into the now!  Leap by the learning and then leading...into the future!

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