Wednesday, February 28, 2018


Being buried in Jesus in baptism is not a one time event that merely serves as yet another marked accomplishment listed on our activity calendars.  To enter into Jesus and Jesus into us is to transform our "personal world" order.  We are to be!

The old you strongly wishes to suck the vibrancy out of the new you.  There becomes an actual inner tug o' war over which unit you will choose to reside.  It is not slight; but is a major inward battle for each of us.  The old wants very much to control you as the old you very much needs to control others.  The new, however, finds restoration, and joy, and dependency (upon God and others), and energy, and hope! 

The new you experiences new starts, new beginnings, new life because that's the element of new!

Living in the past is not life.  It contains contamination of indecency that gets all over us and flows from us.  Jesus' blood washes us daily.  We are to be new creatures of new habits that will be new even again tomorrow.

None of this makes sense.  Exactly.  We have a core non-sensical doctrine; namely, Jesus was dead and now lives.  Bizarre to the unbeliever.  Even more breathtaking and wonderfully bizarre to the believer...yet, we believe it happened!  Live in the what can't be...but truly is.

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